I Love My New TovH Poster! (Is What You’ll Be Saying)


“Check out my new Toilet ov Hell poster.” is what you’ll be saying after ordering your own Toilet ov Hell poster, as part of the same t-shirt campaign. “McNulty, how much they payin’ ya?” you may be inquiring. “More than you can imagine” would be my response. Think about it.

One day I needed to show a friend some action figures that were in my kitchen, and in doing so realized my kitchen could use some serious adult-ifying. The action figures came down, local artwork went up; broken light fixtures were replaced with newer, modern ones; and the old beer signs were taken down for… well, that part I had to figure out. I had been saving a few band posters for the perfect time when I had the perfect amount of real estate for them, and any additional perfect ones that would be added to the collection later. Well that later is now, and so now we can get ourselves a Toilet ov Hell poster! It’s the best thing I possibly could have put on THE wall, the wall that I saved for it many weeks prior. And can you guess how much a poster costs? Take a few zero’s out of whatever amount you had in your head, because it’s only $10. You read that correct, ten ‘Murican dollars.


(No need to RFI here. It’s “purr-fect”, as cat owners are wont to say.)

Recently I had family members over for home-cooked food. Were I a better planner, I could have turned it into a “Cooking For Metalheads” section (also, they weren’t big fans of Ageless Oblivion [h/t Dubs, from a LONG time ago, also when Plebian Grandstand was introduced]). Well the wall’s right there in the kitchen, so I offered up explanations of the different posters to my cousins: the best saxophone/metal band out there (Hadean), a couple of tour posters from especially fun shows (Dischordia, Black Fast), a Marvel Nerd Thing, and a poster for this very website. After telling them the name of the site, as not everyone is as familiar with different fonts as we are, I explained that it is “not yet two years old and already slaying it in the metal blogosphere.”

I was proud of myself: a writer for a big ole’ metal blog. Proud enough to display its poster in the very kitchen where I cook meat and listen to Ageless Oblivion. You see, I am now ready and willing to explain the blog to passers-by… even ladies who might consider asking for my hand in courtship. Enough chatter, let’s play some Ageless Oblivion while you head on over and buy yourself a Toilet ov Hell poster. Go do it now ya dongduster; it’ll go incredibly well with your t-shirt! If you already possess one, show us where you installed it by posting a picture in the comments section.

(Images via original design, shitty LG phone)

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