Hell is a Gnome Village in Australia


Thousands of gnomes. Waiting. For you.

Tucked away on the coast of Western Australia is a place called Bunbury. On the surface, an idyllic town with picturesque hiking trails, caverns to explore, and a bay where visitors can sip wine and watch whales breach the surf. But another attraction awaits brave explorers with a thirst for darkness. Just outside of the safety of Bunbury lurks Gnomesville, population: 5000 gnomes. And you.

Legend has it that a traveling gnome found himself lost. Eventually he was trapped along the edge of a roundabout, a cruel human invention that he was too short to navigate. Exhausted and scared, he climbed into the roundabout circle and remained there, unable to go further.

The spirit of this troubled gnome called out into the darkness. Another gnome could feel the presence and answered the call, traveling to the doomed roundabout. Another gnome, drawn in by their sinister beacon, entered the circle. And another. Soon thousands of gnomes had collected upon this patch of grass, and their glowing aura of power radiated throughout.

This village of the damned contains gnomes of all shapes and sizes, their provenance unknown. Some openly bear weapons, pickaxes, blunt tools, even firearms. All stay motionless. Watching with their unblinking eyes. Waiting. But for what?

Do you dare disturb quiet of Gnomesville? Will you trod upon the infernal ground of these unholy golems?

Thrillseekers may learn more about Gnomesville and plan their doomed trip here.

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