Sunday Sesh: The Slow Death Metal Song Episode


“‘The slow song on a death metal album is always the best.’ – Doug Moore, Death Metal Adonis” – W., Former World Leader. In this very special Sunday Sesh, we’re sussing out this famous quotation I said.

As I noted on Friday when I praised Ekpyrosis‘ slow jam “Conceived from Nothingness,” there’s strong evidence to believe that the slow song on the death metal album is the best. Doug Moore believes it. Our resident deity God believes it. And I believe it. But I imagine some of you deathly agnostic types may need a little convincing. So allow me, if you will, to present the facts.

Exhibit ABloodbath – “Eaten” from Nightmares Made Flesh

“Eaten” is the requisite slow-burner on Tägtgren’s take with the death metal supergroup, and it remains the best song the band ever wrote. The riffs are absolutely sinister, and the crawling pace really allows Tägtgren to draw out extra syllables when he bellows, “Eeeaaaateeeennnn!” Nasty stuff!

Exhbit B. Ageless Oblvion – “Glacial Blood” from Penthos

A newer piece of evidence, sure, but “Glacial Blood” delivers exactly what it says on the tin. The slow riffs and tormented screams of freezing to death slowly in the drifting snow will fill your veins with ice and deliver a far more compelling demise than any of the fiery blasts you’ll find across the rest of the record.

Exhibit C. Morbid Angel – “God of Emptiness” from Covenant

And last, some classic evidence. Can you imagine how, “Bow to me!” would sound over blasts? Whack. That’s how.

There. Science rests my case. When bands that go fast fast fast are forced to slow down, it gives them that extra time to really ponder their riffs and craft compelling music. If you agree with me, leave your own response in the comments below. If not, well… get bent?

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