In Conspirasy with Mailmanbro


From the depths of hell arise the fallen to bring forth evil tyranny across the land. None shall be safe as his black wings cover the land in darkness and his tail slashes through the sun. Cower in fear from his infernal moods and hide your children from his wicked wrath. You will… wait this is Mailmanbro, nevermind.

Unlike a great deal of Heavy Metal subject matter, Mailmanbro is not evil. In fact, he is a beacon of hope(pretty powermetally if you ask me) in this dark world we live in. Between his delivery efforts and the steadfastness of Recordstorebro, we Metalheads have 2 friends that we can always trust in. Though times can be rough and hauls could be lost, they are always there providing us our much-needed fix of physical media. On to the hauls!

First up we have Stanley, still playing a tad bit of catch up from earlier this year. He was granted some marvelous LPs to include Morthus, Winterfylleth, Conjuror, Nadra, Destroyer 666, Baptism and Total Hate.

stanley stanley2

Next we have the one and only bertbanana showing off new Wormrot, Red Fang, Brain Tentacles and others.


JR got a pretty sweet bundle pre-order of the new Khemmis album from 20 Buck Spin.


Our fearless ex-president W took the time from his busy schedule to show his support of Awe and Timeghoul. Also, peep that sweet ass Biollante!


Ted Nu-Djent shows his mastery of both the physical and digital realms with his bad ass haul of Opeth, Hellbringer, Dillinger Escape Plan, GatecreeperSumerlands, Goblin Cock, Anciients and more.

jud jud2

Freedom Jew has a relatively small but yet again very MIGHTY haul to include Dirkschneider, Iron Mask, Skyliner, Eden’s Curse and Brainstorm.


JJD proves yet again how much more Dad Rock he is than all of us.


Shining Spear has an astonishing haul for us today covering a wide array of genres. Helloween, Jethro Tull, Death Injection and Erikson novels? Sounds like my kind of party.


Fine Sexy Ladies  helps to prove his fine sexiness with a fine start to his battle jacket and some tunes to sew it to. Pyramids, Vermin Womb and some stuff that I honestly don’t recognize because I am neither fine nor sexy.

fine-sexy finesexy2 finsexyladies

Scrimm is filling some holes in his classic Black Metal albums collection with plenty of Darkthrone, Mayhem, Satyricon and Tsudjer albums, along with a Burzum shirt and new Krypts.


D. Lee scored some new album by Neurosis, Meshuggah, Trap Them and Dillinger Escape Plan.


Slipjackthewanderer also picked up the latest Vermin Womb and Khemmis along with more choice picks.


Blackyard received some sick threads and an assortment of CDs and LPs to include: Blood Incantation, John Denver, Charlie Daniels Band, Anti Cimex and Deathwish.

dancolvin dancolvin2 dancolvin3

Blackbeard was delivered Uada, Drudkh, Blood Incantation and a handful of other LPs. He also received some patches for his battlevest.


Karhu got a lot of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds albums.


Richter received a Crowhurst shirt, Morbid Angel CD and some other blurry objects.


Brian the Lumberjack scored a SICK Motörhead banner patch.


Sweettooth0 is trying out the new Anaal Nathrakh album.


Elegant Gazing Globe has gotten yet another classic album for his collection, this time in the form of Mercyful Fate.


And I received new and old Khemmis vinyl, the newly released Turbid North LP, some featured Dungeon Synth cassettes from Chaucerian Myth, Verminaard and Elves&Dwarves and mailmanbro rounded my haul off with one of the most epic, true metal albums of the decade by Visigoth.


Now that that’s all taken care of, it is time for you to show us your haul! Post pictures and comment down below!



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