Tech Death Thursday: Fractal Generator – “Macrocosmos”


The cold darkness of space in audio form

Fractal Generator is not a band that seeks to overwhelm you with lengthy passages of shred or winding compositions; they take a more subtle approach to their technical side. They’re more death metal than “tech,” combining rapid-fire tremolo picking and chunky gallops with eerie, minimalist synth, saving the more technical bits for maximum impact. Imagine Morbid Angel with cybernetic implants and you’ll be on the right track.

There is no finer example of their sound than our premiere for you today, “Macrocosmos,” the title track from their upcoming album. Opening on a string of tense tremolo harmonies and hammer blasts, the track takes a bleak journey carried by dark harmonies punctuated by a piercing, static synth note. It emerges on the other side in a haze, swapping the aggression of the first half for despair as the melodies open up and the synths take on a decidedly alien tone. But don’t take my word for it; hit play and strap yourself in.

Macrocosmos is available January 15th on Everlasting Spew. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp page for digital preorders, and check out Fractal Generator on Facebook.

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