This week on the internet, one of Maria Brink’s Nameless Ghouls, AKA Chris Howorth, said something. Because he said something, this was reported as news. What did he say, you may ask?

“Reading the comments and rhetoric on news sites and even our own social media pages, I can’t believe some of the things people say.”

I have no idea what this is in response to, as Blabbermouth doesn’t bother to tell us why we should care about what Chris is saying, but I’m going to go ahead and guess it has something to do with the fact that In This Moment is extremely famous and when a band become famous, there are an equal amount of people who love and hate them. Or maybe it’s because Sirius XM released this video of Maria Brink “singing” a NIN cover and coming across like a drunk hobo with a head cold.

I could go on about how this band. They started back in 2005, and were discovered by Ozzy’s bassist through MySpace. At the time, their sound was new and they were different. They did a bunch of DIY touring, and eventually went on to release Beautiful Tragedy. As the years (and bass players) went by, the creativity meandered toward something akin to a Lady Gaga/Marilyn Manson tribute. Maria isn’t afraid to bare it all, but don’t let her sexiness fool you; she’s really against misogyny, you guys. There’s no way she’d ever lend their name to something as low as the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour or some shit like that. Besides, the only people complaining are the haters, says Chris:

“…there was no pressure or guidelines from anyone other than ourselves.”

Well, at the very least I’m gladHCIHRTOUR that Chris and the rest of the Nameless Ghouls in Maria Brink’s Artpop Tour aren’t letting the man tell them what to do. It was their decision for Maria to pose nude, hire backup dancers, smear grease paint on the faces of her fellow band-mates, and play acoustic versions of their nu metal songs on national television. We can’t blame any of this on the labels, because this is what they want. This is their decision, their image. With all of that in mind, Chris should expect to get a whole lot more backlash, because while their recent foray into the world of pop is probably getting played endlessly on the radio, I would rather remove my eyeballs and hang them from my tailpipe as a pair of tiny truck balls than ever pay for any of their music ever again.

Sorry, Chris.

Have fun touring with Twelve Foot Ninja.

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