Riff Beef ov the Week


This week, the Masterlord went on a magical quest to the land of Arizogogalelona to retrieve a magical pearl said to grant favor upon the unborn that his future child may grow strong and be able to rule with an iron fist. While in Arizogogalelona, the Masterlord was beset by a gaggle of harpies who lured him into a trap using his only weakness. Though the Masterlord was able to use his man-strength to break free from the harpies’ bonds, all of his traveling accouterments were stricken with a spell of “Zero Internet Connectivity,” thereby rendering him utterly impotent and unable to retrieve your mighty riffs.

The Masterlord communicated with me via a crystal cylinder and requested I convey his heartfelt regret over the harpies’ treachery. The Masterlord wishes you long days and pleasant nights. May you use this post to share music you enjoy and keep each other company on this most unhallowed of days.

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