We meet again, water closet warriors! Congrats on getting through whatever it was you got through this week. And if you’re still in the process of moving forwards, Winston Churchill once said that if you’re going through hell, keep going.

How do you feel about noise rock? Avant-garde jazz? Punk? Let me tell you about a band I fell madly in love with a couple years ago.

A friend of mine introduced me to Black Midi a couple months after the release of their most recent album, Hellfire. He told me that they were going to be passing through while on tour and that if I was interested, I had about two weeks to grab a ticket. I got home from work that day and after marathoning all three of their LPs in reverse chronological order, I happily bought a ticket.

What followed was the roughest concert I have ever been to.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the front HALF of this 500-person venue was just one big mosh pit. At one point someone slammed into me so hard that my arm went numb. Just as I had finished processing how hard I had gotten hit, I took an elbow to the ribs that knocked the wind out of me. Suddenly, a break from the pit seemed like a pretty good idea.

They’ve remained a pretty stable part of my sonic diet since I discovered them. I hope you folks enjoy them too!

Speaking of enjoyment, we’ve got a number of articles that we wrote specifically with your, yes, YOUR enjoyment in mind! So in the words of Willy Wonka, come with me, and you’ll see, in a world of rancid defecation! It’s time to flush!

Joey T. and 365 speak the truth that the mainstream media is too afraid to on a new and very conspiracy theory-heavy episode of Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 478 – The Icke Shuffle Pt 2

Aaron blesses our bowl with another hardcore review, this time of the new record by Modern Life Is War:

Review: Modern Life Is War – Tribulation Worksongs

You like tech-death? So does Sepulcrustacean! Specifically of the Dissimulator variety:

Review: Dissimulator – Lower Form Resistance

Iron Goddess of Mercy premiered a new track from Negative Prayer:

Track Premiere: Negative Prayer – “Caged”

Hey, who’s this guy? Probably just some handsome metal nerd. Whoever he is, he premiered a brand new song from Ashen Tomb:

Track Premiere: Ashen Tomb – “Ashen Tomb”

Alright class, we’ve got a guest this week so everyone be on your best behavior:

Review: New Age Doom & Tuvaband – There Is No End

Straight from the sphincter, Hans pinches off a review of the new Hulder just a few short hours ago:

Review: Hulder – Verses in Oath

And with that we conclude our weekly outhouse overview! Thanks as always for sticking around and if you missed any of these articles, be sure to give them a read! We’re always happy to have you with us. Especially if you come bearing GBUs!

G: I finally got moved into my new house.

B My body did its best, but alas, I am sick.

U: The pasta dish I tried to make this week.

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