IT’S FREE!!! Free music from Savage Messiah, Satyrasis, Eucharist & Demilich


Give a breath of air to your wallet with these free musical choices:

Sometimes is a good thing that I live in this hole. Most of you have so many options of music to buy or download that I see myself in your side and I think: “Dude, I would be in bankrupt if I were the Toilet ov Hell readers”.

Given that situation, I feel very happy when some generous band or artist shares their music in a Name Your Price or Free option. In that way, I don’t feel guilty of streaming in repeat the albums in free digital services that we all know that doesn’t pay to them. We are going to talk here in a brief way the works of 4 bands that you can download for free; hope you check them out, because it definitely worth the bandwidth invested. Prepare your notebook and enjoy the ride:


SAVAGE MESSIAH (13)Coming from the rainy lands of England, Savage Messiah is band that took the arms of the Heavy and Power Metal spectrum.

Full pedal in the rhythm section, the music in Plague of Conscience is packed with a mix of high and rasp powerful vocal delivering, speed and thrash influenced riffs. But, what it stands in this record is the melodies.

All Seeing I, for example, display in the middle of the song the almost ritualistic full power chords preparations to later punch you in the pancreas with a tasty melodic solo. The vocal lines in Plague of Conscience are another point that really elevates the music with distinction: catchy chorus and venom spitting verses are present here.

If you like the works of Huntress, Iced Earth and Primal Fear, with a little touch of United States Power Metal (USPM), this is a great addition to your media library.

You can download their record here.


Moving to the progressive side, I must cheat a little and throw once again to our list the name Satyrasis. Our resident Doctor in Merol, W, wrote about them in the beginning of the year and I got hooked with the record so bad that I even included … Of the Dead into my ever-changing list of favorite music of this year.

From Michigan with love, these thrash maniacs twist and extend with mastery their sound; progressive structures entwine with ease at the blast and fast sections. None of the seconds here are useless. And along the odd timings, aggressive attacks and even melodic sections you have weird instruments like the 8-bit beginning of Excision, the tasty acoustic interlude in A Foot in Each Grave, and, of course, the Circumstances cover of the legendary Rush.

The enigmatic cover art (part of a series of drawing by Harry Clarke for Tales of Mystery and Imagination, of Edgar Allan Poe) is a correct representation of what … Of the Dead. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes brooding, this is a record with multiple sides.

If my riff-tastic descriptions aren’t enough, let’s see what our satisfied customers can say of it:

satyrasis approvedYou can download their record here (in multiple formats, including guitar tabs and lyrics sheet).



Let’s remember the good ole’ days of what Melodic Death Metal meant.

A-280894-1281448938.jpegEucharist, from Sweden, was one of the first bands of this style. And it’s still one of the better of a bastardized genre with bands that mostly masks their sterile guitar chugs in bland electronics and pretentious overtones of ‘modernity’. I’m so sorry; I don’t enjoy that much the new approach of ‘Modern’ Melodic Death Metal vibes. So, I bring once again Eucharist to show all the purest state of the genre.

This band was formed in 1989, in the underground Swedish scene, by Markus Johnsson (also in Fainted) and Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy; and an extensive curriculum with names like In Flames, Carcass, Brujería, Armageddon and Revengia).

This duo was the basis of the band, which sadly was plagued with constant breakups and turmoil between this creative team. Their short discography consists in a couple of demos, along two records: A Velvet Creation and Mirroworlds; both important records to that improbable combination of Swedish inspired melodies with Death Metal styles.

I dare to say that Eucharist was, along with At the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, one of the pioneers of the traditional approach to the Swedish Melodic Death Metal: the one that was inspired by the fields of their country, the folkloric music and the melancholy of the North of Europe. Cosmic lyrical content, with very abstract lines, come together with acoustic sections and abrasive metal sounds.

If you liked The Red in the Sky is Ours, Skydancer or Lunar Strain, you can enjoy this band and also enjoy a piece of history, because it was one era in which the Melodic Death Metal genre was more a ‘vibe’ filled with experimentation and discovery, rather than a comic recycle of bad ideas.

You can download both of their records here. Mirrorworlds is my favorite, but A Velvet Creation is another worthy addition.


0004458517_10Finally, I have to remember that Demilich, the impressive and weird and awesome Technical Death Metal from Finland, have their only record for free download on their homepage.

I have not too much to say about it, because you must have a sad life if you haven’t listened Demilich, one of the bands that pushed the Death Metal formula to the edge of the horizon.

Hope you don’t puke like the grandmother of Antti Boman the first time hearing his vocals in this punishing record.


So, there it is!

Did you like some of the tunes here? Shoot out your bullet belts and share you opinion and you free album picks with us!

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