Trv Kvlt KrowdSourcing Vol. 3


Hi-diddly-ho, Toileterinos. Sarah here, offering yet again, another list of stuff to throw your money at.

You know, sometimes I think that it would be way easier for me to make a list of all the terrible crowd sourcing campaigns I’ve come across, but that’s someone else’s job. No, I’m here to direct you toward stuff that actually has a shot of being worth your money. Campaigns that take the time to make an effort, rather than digitally panhandling without offering rewards. That isn’t to say that some noobs shouldn’t make the effort to get their names out there, but I’d suggest actually making a video rather than simply posting a song demo , or posting some damn music even, they want to be taken seriously.

With that being said, it’s slim pickins out there. I even tried checking out Pledge Music, which may possibly have the worst website I’ve encountered since the era of Geocities. Most of the bands with decent campaigns either appear bored with their own campaign, or are already signed and have created Pledge Music campaigns as a way of getting people to pre-order, which kind of misses the point of what drives crowd funding. People aren’t sick of their favorite signed bands not giving pre-order access, they’re sick of the record industry dictating which bands can record and distribute music. However, there are some gems hidden in Pledge Music, which is where we will begin.

‘Veritas’ – Help Dekadent deliver their new album on Pledgemusic!

As far as “atmospheric black metal” is concerned, I’m typically not that huge a fan. However, that’s usually because the guitars and drums are so crunchy and the mix is so bad, I can’t hear what the fuck anyone is doing. I get that some people are totally into listening to technical crunch noise, but that is not my bag. So these guys were a nice surprise for me, because they’ve got a bunch of nice material out there and it’s actually pleasant to listen to. I’d even go as far as to say that their music has some pop influences, because seriously, this is some happy shit. So like, lets say you have a girlfriend, and you’re trying to introduce her to black metal but you can’t pry that fucking Taylor Swift CD out of her hands. This might be the way to go.

Even better is the fact that they’re going completely independent for this next release, and it’s in collaboration with a film. To me, that’s pretty cool. I love seeing art collaborations, especially when it involves metal. Their rewards look pretty well put-together too, so you’ll wind up with some nice stuff at the end of the campaign.

ANTHROPIA – New album based on Cthulhu Mythos

Say what  you will about concept albums, but I am totally on board the fucking cheese train. The moment I saw some French dude going on about a Cthulhu album, I was breaking out my wallet. The good news is that this looks like it will actually be worth the Euros, because this music sounds pretty fucking cool. They have a super low goal of $2k, which is impressive because all of their music sounds professionally put together. They mention that this will be released on a label, but don’t worry. AdArcA Records is a label created by the band, specifically so they can put out any kind of music they want, something I wholeheartedly support. The album also features some kick ass art by David Demaret, who I’d recommend checking out as well.

A bunch of their rewards have already sold out, so if you’re into this nerdy shit as much as I am, your ass better quit stalling and climb the fuck aboard.

Well, that’s it.

Except no, I’ve got one last campaign I’d like to discuss.

Delirium Cordia – Danish/Mexican Industrial Metal Band

It’s not quite up to par with the other two I’ve gone on about, but it’s worth mentioning. Why? Because I think that Delirium Cordia has a good thing going. Rarely do you hear about guys from Mexico and Denmark coming together to create music. Their campaign is relatively professional looking, and they don’t sound like too much of a hot mess. In fact, I think they have the potential of becoming something great if they’d just get some decent recording. It’s very “modern” sounding, so I could see them showing up on mainstream radio, someday.

As always, if you know of any bands who are crowd funding, post them in the comments so we can talk about how shitty their outfits are.

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