Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.45] Roldo’s Top 5 Ho(o)test Trax ov 2019


Our Owly boy dropped in to play us his fave five of the year. We also talk faceless fans, the return of that online drum nazi, how to pronounce Obsequiae, gollum decapitation, the .gif of the year, Design The Sci-Fi-Line, and abandoning vocalists.

Last week we held our second Spearsgiving feast, catch up if you missed out. This week it’s Rolderathis’ turn to share his picks of 2019.

Music Featured On This Episode:
Essence Of Datum – ‘Shikari Algorithm’ from Spellcrying Machine
Vircolac ‘Masque Of Obsequious Venality’ from Masque
Darkenhöld ‘Citadelle d’Obsidienne’ from Atra Musica
Nightfell ‘(As Now) We Must Succumb’ from A Sanity Deranged
The Odious ‘Arbiter Of Taste’ from Vesica Piscis

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