Bandcamp. You know it. You probably have a co-dependent relationship with it, waiting desperately near your phone, hoping that this email will finally be the one that satisfies your unrequited love with vinyl and tapes and other stuff that will end up in a landfill next to all those E.T. cartridges after you die. But anyone who has spent even a tiny amount of time on the platform knows that the “Discover” option that allows you to explore new releases is a godless wasteland of yiff smut and demos that would definitely bring shame upon the musician’s family if we lived in a just world. Cycling through brand new albums every week is the exact same as systematically tearing through your dog’s poop to try to find that piece of jewelry you negligently left on the coffee table. Buuuuuttttt… I have an idea to liven up the experience: BANDCAMP BINGO!

Curious? Tired of treading septic effluent? Want to spice up your romance with the music distribution platform? Then buddy, you’ve gotta visit this link and download your own Bandcamp Bingo card!


Here’s what your card should look like!

So how do you play Bandcamp Bingo? It’s easy. Whenever we run an open swim, navigate your way over the bandcamp dot com and follow the steps below!

  1. Press “Discover” and filter the results by “metal; new arrivals, any format.”
  2. Scroll through the new arrivals and find albums that fit the Bingo spaces.
  3. Paste copies of the album art into the appropriate spaces on your Bingo card.
  4. Share your card in the comments when you get Bingo.
  5. ???
  6. Win!

It’s that easy, but just in case your brain is in a landfill next to your Toxic Holocaust picture disc and Steel Panther vagina pedal, here’s a sample winning Bingo Card!

While you’re searching, please enjoy this Bandcamp treasure. Good luck and have fun!

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