Premiere: Stream This New Shards Of Humanity Shredder Right Now


Death/thrash to shard ur pants to.

Looks like even in the rapidly disintegrating modern world in which we live some things are simply immutable. Examples, you ask? Eels remain inherently evil creatures. Melted cheese is still never a bad idea. You cannot get enough sleep. Unspeakable Axe Records continue to release top-tier thrash. Satisfied? We’ve discussed this multiple times last year during their insane run of thrash (and thrash-adjacent) albums; many of which we had the distinct honour of premiering right here in this humble lil latrine we call home. And today we are pleased to continue that trend with this flaming fucken hot fret-fire from US death-thrash shredders Shards Of Humanity.

If you’re a fan of absolutely gnarly leads that throw caution to the wind in a way that’s been severely lacking in the majority of metal since… well, the late 80’s. The band’s second full-length, titled Cold Logic, wastes approximately zero time in letting you know what’s up, courtesy of the album opener ‘Cosmic Shield’, which opens with some heavily palm-muted layers of mosquito-masturbating fury (look at your picking hand when mimicking shred and tell me you’re not just jacking off a horny insect) eventually being sliced open by some tapped-out solo sections and bar work that’ll have you pretending all those times you shat on Sir Floyd D. Rose were “irony posts”. We know what you said.

Throughout the album, Shards Of Humanity evoke the kind of red-hot yet regimented riffing we’ve come to expect from modern acts like Hexecutor and Ripper or even sub-genre stalwarts such as Sadus, Obliveon, and Coroner. Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Todd had to say regarding the upcoming album:

“Our sophomore LP ‘Cold Logic’ presents a more refined vision than its predecessor, offering an overall tighter performance while maintaining the necessary raw edges of aggression.
Anticipate quick changes of pace and a series of surprises fixated on warping your mind outward.”

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