Album Premiere: Construct Of LetheExiler


More D O N G expanding death!

Back in late April we were pleased to present the first premiere from Construct Of Lethe‘s upcoming sophomore record Exiler, the absolutely monstrous track titled ‘The Clot’. Our friend Islander over at No Clean Singing thought my headline “Construct Of Lethe Bring Riffs So Thicc They’ll Clot Yer Dick” was quite amusing, however I’m here to tell you today folks that prolonged dong expansion is no laughing matter. Look, I’m over 30 now, and as you’ve probably guessed from the deteriorating shitpost quality, my brain is liquefying inside my cranium at an alarming pace. What few vestiges of synaptic synergy that remain require literally every available millilitre of blood available to them to maintain any semblance of coherent cognition. Aside from the general inconvenience, I simply cannot afford to devote any precious plasma to a perpetual B O A N E R. If the absurd amount of dick-hardening death metal coming out this year doesn’t end soon, I will be forced to deal with the most inconvenient of all erections and shut down my brain entirely, essentially becoming a sedentary shut-in with nothing to blame “but the riffs“. And let’s be honest, even the simple act of doing a piss with one of these stupid things is a futile affair at the best of times. For starters, how do you even manage to chuck a handstand in a space as small as a toilet cubicle, let alone aim this unruly bastard of a thing when inverted? “Inconvenient” doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

When will the madness end? Sadly, not today. For today we’ve got the rest of Exiler to show to you in preparation for its release upon the world tomorrow. If you’ve only heard the immensity of the album’s third track ‘The Clot’ thus far, then you’re in for a treat as Construct Of Lethe have left no stone unturned in writing this one. In search of inspiration, the record traverses more than just the hellish depths of Dead Congregation-esque death metal, harnessing demons borne from adjacent nether-realms and assembling them all for aural assault. The portal opens with ‘Rot Of Augury’, whose bluesy leads belie the fires of Immolation which follow. However, rather than simply bow at the Altars of tradition in this style throughout the album, Construct Of Lethe throw in quite a few melodic passages and some more expressionistic sections, which definitely give the record an atypical feel in certain places. Anyway, why am I still telling you about this thing when you should be listening to it already? Great, now I’m late for my penectomy.

Pick up your copy of Exiler from Everlasting Spew Records directly, or digitally from their Bandcamp page

The Souls Of Acheron – Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl [1898] h/t Islander

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