LOL @ New Anaal Nathrakh


The once-black metal band has discovered the hottest EDM trend of 2008, dubstep.

Boy they’re really going for it, huh? Despite the fact that dubstep’s popularity has plummeted over the past several years and that the genre’s stalwarts have abandoned the wobbles in favor of trendier sounds like trap, and despite the fact that Korn‘s dubstep collabo album The Path of Totality was released a full seven years ago, Anaal Nathrakh is out here releasing a Ministry-by-way-of-Skrillex single in 2018. Is there still water in the wub wub well?

To Anaal Nathrakh’s credit, they pulled the catchiest idea from Diplo‘s production for M.I.A.’s smash hit “Paper Planes” by leaning heavily on that sweet gunshot/cash register sample chorus. “Paper Planes”, if you will recall, was released in 2007. Metal dudes are really, really bad at staying on top of popular trends.

So, uh, why do this in the first place? Is Anaal Nathrakh chasing the already waning market of metal/EDM hybrids or are they just really passionate about bass drops and low-frequency oscillators? I guess we’ll find out when the band drops A New Kind of Horror on September 28th via Metal Blade. You can preorder it here if this is somehow your jam.

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