Metal-Themed Restaurant Creates A Burger To Help Raise Funds For Thy Will Be Done’s Jay Waterman


Stuff your face hole for a good cause.

For those that may not know, Thy Will Be Done‘s drummer Jay Waterman went into cardiac arrest a few weeks ago. Things were looking grim as Jay was put into a medically-induced coma with the odds not in his favor. That’s some pretty scary stuff. Thankfully, Jay is now awake, breathing on his own, and was well enough to film a little video update.

Unfortunately, being a metal musician in a smaller touring band doesn’t afford you the best healthcare. The road to recovery from a medical emergency is paved in bills, and as many readers here can attest, a trip to the hospital is akin to lighting your wallet on fire. That’s where Boneheads steps in.

Boneheads is a rock and metal-themed restaurant in West Warwick, Rhode Island that specializes in chicken wings. These are some damn good wings, let me tell you. They’ve won awards at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY. That’s some serious wing business. The wing sauces are all named after rock and metal songs like “Cowboys From Hell”, “Shout At The Devil”, and “Rooster”. The walls are decked out in signed memorabilia and concert posters from years past. Music videos and live concert DVDs frequently play on the TVs (when they’re not showing UFC and WWE events for free of course). Not in the mood for wings? They’ve got burgers, sandwiches, salads, and plenty of booze.

Boneheadz wings

The folks at Boneheads are clearly fans of Thy Will Be Done. There is signed merch from the band on the wall, and the restaurant even sponsored a concert by the band last year. To help out Jay with his expenses, Boneheads has created a burger called “The Great Rebuilding”. Named after the Thy Will Be Done song, The Great Rebuilding “features Jay’s favorite snack, Doritos, along with nacho cheese and our Cowboys from Hell sauce. TWO DOLLARS of every burger sold will go to the fund raiser for him and his family, along with ONE DOLLAR FOR EVERY OTHER BURGER SOLD in January. One winner will get tickets to the TBA fund raising show along with a t-shirt from the band. This band is family to us so any help in this is greatly appreciated. All other donations will be gladly accepted as well.”

So now you can get some delicious food and help out a fellow metalhead in need. Plus, you support a small business and avoid going to Bdubs. You can even win stuff. Not in the RI area, but still want to help Jay out? Head on over to the GoFundMe and throw in a couple of bucks.

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