Chthonic Are Crowdfunding A Pretty Cool Concert


The Defenders of Bu-Tik Palace are heading to Liberty Square.

Taiwanese symphonic black/death metal band Chthonic are in the midst of a unique concert to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band. The band has never shied away from their political feelings, whether it was calling out China renaming Taiwan as Chinese Taipei, putting “Free Tibet” on their shirts, or putting out messageheavy music videos. Vocalist Freddy Lim has even gone so far as to start his own political party called The New Power Party.

This concert the band is fundraising for isn’t just a regular old venue. The band is raising money to play Liberty Square, a beautiful outdoor plaza that serves as a major Taiwanese landmark and gathering place. While the square has served as a natural gathering area, it has a political and social significance as well. The Square serves as a symbol of the country’s democratic progress with many pro-democracy rallies being held there. To this day, Liberty Square is still used for rallies and movements calling for the freedom of Tibet and the Wild Strawberries Student Movement.

An outdoor show by an awesome metal band in a culturally important location? Sounds awesome, right? Here’s your chance to help contribute to a great event and pick up some cool and unique merchandise from Chthonic. Items include the usual merch like shirts, hoodies, and jackets, a cd/dvd of the concert, the chance to watch the band rehearse, and used equipment and outfits. Sadly, they don’t include the Doris Yeh dakimakura pillows.

Now, being a boorish American, I am not well-versed in foreign languages. Thankfully, the band has provided an English version of their fundraising page which you can view here. I’ll let the band explain what they are doing:

If you have ever wanted to travel to Taiwan, to see the place that has given birth to the unique metal rock of CHTHONIC, to see the nation, and the culture, CHTHONIC’s 20th anniversary concert on Dec. 26 would be your best chance.

You may rock with tens of thousands of people in one of the best CHTHONIC concerts, and cheer for Freddy, who is running for Taiwan’s parliamentary seat, and enjoy beautiful winter that is cold but not too cold in Taiwan.

Take part in organizing the concert, and start giving your support for the crowdfunding project!

In a year that’s critical to Taiwan’s social reforms—and also the 20th anniversary of CHTHONIC—we’ve decided to hold an extraordinary concert!

We’ve received many letters from our young fans saying that CHTHONIC’s music has empowered them, but actually, it’s everyone’s courage that has empowered us, making us more confident about ourselves and about Taiwan, and gave us more courage to move forward. Our music often recounts buried stories in Taiwan’s history, which inspired and touched many young people; however, after so many years of pondering in writing these songs, we can also feel the soul in the Taiwanese that’s unique and complicated. It’s becoming more and more clear what we’re on a quest for.

Taiwan is at its critical moment, and CHTHONIC has not had any large concert in three years. We therefore decided that, as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the 20th anniversary of CHTHONIC, and the key moment when Taiwan’s reforms are about the unfold, we would like to organize CHTHONIC’s largest-ever concert in Taiwan, hoping that those who sacrificed themselves for Taiwan would rest in peace, keep Taiwan peace, and give a hand to the people to make their dreams come true. Through the concert, we also hope the young people would join their hands together to push Taiwan forward.

CHTHONIC has always believed that, a band is not only a band, and that music is not merely music—we will change the world!

Question: Why Liberty Square?

Answer: the Liberty Square was dedicated to the dictator Chiang Kai-shek in the 20th century, and therefore is nicknamed “Chiang Kai-shek Temple” by many democracy pioneers, and an important gathering place for rallies. It is therefore the right place for the CHTHONIC’s 20th anniversary concert.

Having a concert at Liberty Square is a symbolic move against authoritarianism, your participation is the most important.

Why Crowdfunding?

Since it’s impossible to sell tickets for a concert in Liberty Square, we decided to raise enough money for the concert through crowdfunding. The largest CHTHONIC concert can only become reality with your support.


The band was looking to raise 1,500,000 NT (that’s New Taiwan dollars) and have already raised well beyond that number. Still, this is your chance to grab some merchandise from the band and help fund a really cool concert. Some of you intrepid types might even travel to go see the show. Take pictures if you do! Best of luck to the band. I can’t wait to see the DVD.

More information can be found at the following link:


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