Mgła release new track “Exercises in Futility II”


AYO. Get in here and start Monday right with a new track from this unstoppable Polish black metal band.

After seeing many members of this fine community gush on and on about Mgła, I finally gave their 2012 full-length With Hearts Towards None a spin. I was floored. If you, like me, have been ignoring this band, you are fucking up. Resolve that now with a brand new track from Mgła’s upcoming LP Exercises in Futility.

Exercises in Futility will be out late this Summer. No pre-order info is up yet so follow Mgła on Facebook to stay up to date.

[h/t Beargod]

Extra special service-y content: According to a Polish postal carrier that our friend Stanley met, “Mgła” is pronounced something like “Murg-wah”. Good 2 know.

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