Stream: Blood Worship‘s Frost-Coated Debut Offering


Worship blood. And Swedish black metal. But mostly blood.

Has there been much good black metal released this year? I haven’t been keeping up to be honest. Amid this deluge of amazing death metal, it has been hard to find time for anything else. However, it’s just started getting cold down here, and although snow is illegal in most Australian states, I did have a decent frost on my windscreen this morning. So you’ve really gotta take what you can get down here in terms of weather befitting the brisk boreal bite of black metal. Thankfully, this fresh offering from Sweden’s Blood Worship turned up in the inbox just in time.

Blood Worship are a new group formed by guitarist Martin Andersson (Astrophobos), featuring fellow Astrophobos member Micke Broman, and David Folchitto (Fleshgod Apocalypse|Gravestone). Death’s Omnipotence marks the band’s first recorded material, and while I’m only on the second play-through here, it’s obvious Blood Worship show great promise. These four tracks nail the quintessential elements of what constitutes classic Swedish melodic black metal; from the pounding double-bass, the raspy vocal scowls, to the looming bass, and most importantly, the frigid squalls of bitter melody. Death’s Omnipotence will hit same spot usually reserved for Sacramentum, Dawn, and that everyone’s favourite perennially cited melodic black metal band… Thulcandra. Anyway, today we’ve got an exclusive stream of the record here for you to dissect. Get into it!

Pre-order Death’s Omnipotence from Blood Worship’s Bandcamp page ready for its 15th of June release.

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