News And New Music Roundup: Akhlys, Hate Eternal, Adversarial, Baring Teeth..!


Karhu is back with more news and extremely questionable opinions.

Hate Eternal is streaming their upcoming release, Infernus, in its entirety – here. I own only one of the band’s albums, King of All Kings, which is plagued by the exact same thing most of their albums are: poor production. It’s mesmerizing how appreciated and well known Erik Rutan is in the producer-world. He has gotten a fair share of criticism for forcing every band to adapt to his sound, and not vice versa, thus making all the albums sound more-than-similar, given that he never managed to make his own albums sound good.

But all things considered, Infernus sounds surprisingly good, perhaps being the first Hate Eternal album ever to do so. You can stream one track below if you are afraid to go to Revolver.


Did you enjoy Akhlys’ sophomore studio effort earlier this year? I know many of you did and I can’t say I wouldn’t have myself. The ones of you who did are in luck, because the Nightbringer’s frontman’s (side-?) project will release its third album in 2016. Having originally been Naas Alcameth’s solo dark ambient project, The Dreaming I saw the recruitment of drummer Ain and transition to nightmare-ish, dark ambient influenced black metal. The album sold out soon after it was streamed so I guess one might say the band developed an instant following, whereas Nightbringer’s occasionally brilliant ideas were often lost into the endless labyrinth of too long songs on too long albums. Despite having only five (mostly) lengthy songs, The Dreaming I never falters, and Naas Alcameth’s vision remains clear and interesting throughout the album’s length (which isn’t nearly as excessive as Nightbringer’s latest). The duo’s third album (practically, the duo’s second) will be released through Blood Music. This will most likely be one of the two metal releases from the label all year. You can listen to The Dreaming I below and check out Supplication (that’s the debut, man) here.


Another album streaming now in full that you don’t want to miss is Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism by Adversarial. Note that despite Noisey’s claim there is, in fact, a spooky interlude, called “intro”, which is actually the second song on the album [There’s actually a song called “Interlude” too – W.]. It’s always good to be right when the other side is something like Noisey, but hey the album is what I was supposed to talk about. You don’t have to take it from me, as long as you take it from George Double-juu Dubz: “The right balance of straight-up brutality and song variation”.


  • Tribulation and Deafheaven announce a US tour together. See here for dates.
  • Lemmy, Tom Araya and Iggy Pop will star in a film co-written by Henry Rollins. And there’s a Motörhead game on the way; see here for pictures that already make it seem better than that A7X game-thing.
  • Omnium Gatherum released a new song called “Skyline”. The band still hasn’t made the album that primus motor Markus Vanhala (Insomnium) desires, i.e. four extensively long. prog-y songs.
  • Tor-Helge Skei (MANES/MANII) and Anna Murphy (Eluveitie) collaborated as Lethe.
  • The excellent Cormorant will have their three full-lengths re-released by Blood Music.
  • Queensrÿche will release Condition Human on October’s second day. You can hear “Arrow of Time” here; this song is a good song. You can also take a look at the cover art here.
  • Everybody’s favorite Baring Teeth is going to hit the road with Kaliyaand Dischordia will be opening in OKC. See the dates below.

08.13 – Thur – Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves
08.14 – Fri – Oklahoma City, OK – Industrial Skate Park
08.15 – Sat – St Louis, MO – Fubar
08.16 – Sun – Memphis, TN – Murphy’s
08.17 – Mon – Bossier City, LA – Back 2 Back Bar

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