Premiere: Crawl to the Call of the “Black Ritual”


Hoooooo buddy, I hope you like riffs. Nasty, crusty, chainsaw riffs that will tear a big ol’ gaping, ragged hole in your flaccid flesh at the base of your spine like a rusty chainsaw in dire need of a good blood lubrication getting rammed up your poopshoot. Cuz buddy, we’ve got something with riffs. Swedeath riffs. You know the ones I mean. Today I’m pleased as hell to let Crawl blood-lubricate their rusty chainsaw riffs with your flaccid ass with their new track “Black Ritual.”

If you were wandering down the streets of Gothenburg and a crusty tramp sidled up to you and told you he’d like to sell you a bit of the good stuff if only you’d follow him around the corner into a dimly lit and detritus-strewn back alley, would you take him up on his offer? Yes, you would, because you, dear reader, are a crafty consumer, and you know a peddler of quality d-beat and buzzsaw mayhem when you see one, tetanus and scabies be damned.

Well it just so happens that today such a magic derelict has offered you the riff-filled chance of a liftetime, and that derelict’s debut album Rituals is just the dirty needle your degenerate mind needs to ride the brown dragon to a pointless end in the death metal gutter. Coming to you fast and loose from the Swedish capital of riffs, this gnarly new act named Crawl is ready to grab you buy the hojos and cram every orifice of your body to the brim with their crusty Swedeath nastiness. You’re definitely going to get an infection after you hear the pungent combo of buzzsaw and d-beat in exclusive track “Black Ritual,” but for my money it’s that ugly swarm of feedback that births a howling drum’n’bass interlude straight into the back alley offal at the 2:05 mark that sells the whole package.

If you’re a fan of the modern Swedeath sound (think like-minded wretches Gutter Instinct and Henry Kane), you have some idea what to expect. Big energy, big riffs, and big nasty. What you may not expect is just how deliciously savage this track is nor how full it sounds given its aesthetic. “Black Ritual” is the real deal and everything you need to ruin your life in a fit of rage. Stab play and tune out below.

Rituals drops August 20th via Transcending Obscurity. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp and follow the band on Zuckbook.

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