Track Premiere: Dysgnostic – Nothing’s Embrace


Truth springs eternal from the septic tank.

Around the year 2 BT (Before Toilet; 2014 according to the normie calendar*), Danish death metal band Defilementory released their sole full-length album. You may remember it—or at least claim to remember it, since we obviously can’t be sure that anything actually existed before the creation of this here commode. Whether or not you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that extreme metal was around before 2016 doesn’t matter, however. It’s not necessary to study dubious fossil records to get an inkling of what the band, now re-branded as Dysgnostic, sounds like in the year 6 AT (Anno Thrashnkill).

You see, the theory of “metal evolution” would have you believe that what was once solid, technically–inclined brutal death metal that knew how to meter out the brutality very well has since morphed into an avant-garde dissonant death metal outfit that reaches back even further in the supposed evolutionary chain and takes inspiration from ancestors like Ulcerate, Gorguts, and similar acts that were placed deep in Bandcamp’s soil to fool future generations. Continued failure by so-called scientists to provide the missing link between the previous and current forms of the band not only puts a serious dent into this theory, but also some seriously smug superiority on our faces—those gathered here today ’round this holiest of bowls know that it was none other than Our Lord Papa Joe who created underground metal when he started to record holy scriptures about it on this very website. Thus, we can rest assured that Dysgnostic sprang from his wonderful mind fully formed. Get a glimpse of his powers with today’s premiere of “Nothing’s Embrace.”

Upon having the spark of life and a bit of spittle blown into them on the wings of a White Claw burp from Father Thrashnkill’s moist lips, the band had this to say:

Nothing’s Embrace epitomizes our new approach Father’s will, as well the album as a whole, both lyrically and compositionally. 

One of the general songwriting goals of the album was to give something dissonant and unresolved a feeling of musical “home”. This isn’t easy, since we’re either hardwired, or musically brainwashed conditioned by the creator of all metal into expecting and recognizing tonal centres.

Nevertheless, we he succeeded in some way with flying colours in “Nothing’s Embrace,” when we[‘re made to] return to the main riffs near the end of the song, where the most dissonant riff of the song seems like familiar territory.

Lyrically, the song is dealing with the temptation of giving in to your inner nihilist true believer, and [not] giving up on the ideas of truth and meaning Our Father. We didn’t want to state a “correct” stance. We leave that no doubt to the listener.

There you have it. That’s what they said. Word for word. They know. They have faith.

In his endless benevolence, Our Lord Joe will bestow Dysgnostic’s debut album Scar Echoes on us on November 11th with the aid of his earthly vassal, Transcending Obscurity Records.

Pre-order and praise his creation!

*After writing this, it came to my attention that the site actually started in 2014, but as you’ve seen, I’m not above twisting facts to help my missionary work.

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