Album Premiere: Ninth Realm – A Fate Unbroken


Do you know the riddle of steel?

Everyone loves a little sword & sorcery in their metal, and we here at the Toilet are no exception. It’s been a staple of trad metal lyrics for ages now, but it works in basically any context, from the neoclassical shred of Exmortus to the inscrutable neologisms of Bal-Sagoth. Our premiere for you today, from death-thrash crossover act Ninth Realm, approaches it in a more down-to-earth sense: think more Robert E. Howard than Robert Jordan.

At least, that’s the impression that I get musically, and that’s what this style of metal really lends itself to in my ears. The raw aggression throughout evokes the rough-and-tumble feel of close quarters battle and steel on steel. The sparing use of effects and synths for the album’s bigger moments do a great job of evoking a sense of ancient majesty and power; even at its stompiest, moshiest moments, the album oozes with atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to dive into a fantasy realm or just have a headbanging good time, Ninth Realm has your back. Check out what the band has to say about A Fate Unbroken and hit play below:

“A Fate Unbroken is essentially what we as a band have always wanted a metal album to sound like. We wanted to mix together a lot of different influences from across the board and piece together something that was our own. At the album’s core, it’s a blend of crossover thrash and heavy metal, but there’s enough influence of hardcore, black metal, and death metal that came from different members of the band and their extreme music upbringings. We like hardcore as much as we like metal, and we want to play shows and cater to both groups respectively. There is something for everyone in this album and we think that’s the really special part about it.

Thematically speaking, Tythorin is an original fantasy realm whose story is expressed through Ninth Realm’s lyricism. It’s always been that way, from our demo to now, and we’ll keep telling the stories of Tythorin in our lyrics as long as this band exists.”

A Fate Unbroken is out this Friday, November 4th
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