TRACK PREMIERE: Crippled Beggar – “K-Hole”


Big, violent sounds from the little bittiest state.

Crippled Beggar. If the name sounds familiar to you, you might be connected to the Providence, RI metal scene. Or you might be a diehard Toilet Radio listener that caught them when we featured the band on one of the awful early episodes of the show.  If you’re not familiar with the ‘Crip, it’s time you get acquainted and proper.

We’re stroked to premiere “K-Hole” and present “Dead Women Crossing”, two tastes of Death is the Tarn, And I’m the Conduit, the band’s first full-length record. Crippled Beggar pummel their way through your earholes with speedy complex riffs, fret ripping shreddage, and throat-burning vocals. It’s all wrapped up in an evil package of blackened grindcore with occasional flourishes of tasteful tech. I get something more out of each listen each time I replay these tracks. This full length is a can’t miss. Fans of Early Graves, Young And In The Way, and Zao will find a lot to love with this young band.

Death is the Tarn, and I’m the Conduit drops April 29th. Pick it up at Bandcamp, then go follow them on Facebook.

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