The Appendix Podcast: Ep.4 – Technically Correct


Spear drops in to school us on all the new Gorod, Beyond Creation, Arsis, Serocs, and I sneak in some Moss Upon The Skull.

While my regular co-host Leif Bearikson is out scoping a cave for a Winter hibernation retreat following our assault on Iceland last week, our resident Tech-Death columnist Spear came in to join me in discussing some of the huge albums coming out this week. We talk about Gorod channelling Mastodon and The Ocean, copy-cat cover art coincidences, Arsis playing musical *burp* chairs with The Black Dahlia Murder, wtf Beyond Creation have been doing for 5 years, whether or not Spawn Of Possession are classic tech-death, and how I’m so fucking useless I should probably move back in with my mum. This is the episode to get school’d up.

New music featured this week:

Gorod – ‘Aethra’ from Aethra (out now through Overpowered Records)

Moss Upon The Skull – ‘Reverse Celebration’ from In Vengeful Reverence (out now through I, Voidhanger)

Arsis – ‘Hell Sworn’ from Visitant (out November 2nd through Agonia/Nuclear Blast)

Beyond Creation – ‘In Advserity’ from Algorythm (out now)

Serocs – ‘Nonbeing’ from The Phobos/Deimos Suite (out 26/10 through Everlasting Spew Records)

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