Music Video Premiere: Dawn Fades – Taste


There’s no getting around it: there are times when I hear something new that blows my mind and I must admit to not knowing much about a band prior to providing a stellar premiere. (But those are also the more fun ones.) Today I am thrilled to premiere a video from Dawn Fades, a Los Angeles quartet that apparently crafts forward-thinking, post- [genre], creative and heavy music. Their particular brand of metal isn’t one with which I’m particularly familiar, but for me that’s incredibly intriguing. Now, let us all enjoy “Taste” together:

Comprising six songs spanning ethereal experimentation and crushing heaviness, Ode shows a band unshaken by the pandemic-induced time away from the stage.

Seriously, who can contend with this sentiment? We’ve all been cooped up indoors for months, more than 12 of them, trying to do our part to help contain an easily spreadable virus. Considering the almost nonexistent live music scene, the last year in heavy metal has been absolutely prolific! I know, I know, every year we all claim that it’s been “the best year in music” but 2021 might be an actual milestone. Were I in a band, you can guarantee I would have spent the past year writing and practicing tons of material.

Let’s get back to the song: “Taste” is something against which I have almost zero pre-existing comparisons. Therefore, I’m going to be lazy and copy a quote from the promotional material: LA Weekly describes Dawn Fades as “a mashup of Deftones and Neurosis, with hints of Eyehategod and Enslaved.” I felt a handful of different feelings during “Taste” but that’s part of the goal for most of us when discovering new music! The video is—for lack of a better word—spellbinding, as it does an admirable job of mixing in footage of the musicians playing alongside flashing images of abstract ideas in synchronicity with the passages of the song as it progresses. It coincides specifically well with the album artwork, as well as represents the duality between harsh, raspy, black metal vox and gentle, melodic lines.

Dawn Fades is a band worth following if you are a subscriber to this music blog. This upcoming album drops on the 10th of September, in the year of our Lord 2021 on Metal Assault Records. Their PR correspondent tells me that the pre-order link will soon be hosted here: In the meantime, you HAVE to listen to their first, awesome, self-titled release from 2019 over on BandCamp to get yourself up to speed. Get with the program!

Oh and if you’re one of them goofballs who likes to spend lots of time online, here’s the band’s portal on Facebook. I won’t judge you for using it.

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