Premiere: Dead Exaltation – “The Transformation”


Unfit for human consumption

Dead Exaltation has not had it easy. Starting off as a five-piece in 2015 in Pune, India, the band garnered enough notoriety to share the stage with national acts such as Plague Throat and Orchid only to have a guitarist and bassist decide to hang it up. They continued to soldier on as a three piece with Mradul Singhal pulling double duty on guitar and bass, leading up into the writing and production of their first full-length album. Unfortunately, Mradul passed partway through the album’s production in March of last year. Determined to see his work through, the remaining two members were able to push through adversity and complete the project. Today, I’m pleased to help them officially unveil the second single from Despondent, “The Transformation,” along with its track listing and Aaron Pinto cover art.

Despondent follows the time-honored death metal lyrical subject of sick cannibal freaks, and the narrator of “The Transformation” succumbs to the trauma they inflict and becomes one himself. Musically, I’d call this tech death for people who don’t like tech death. It’s fast and intricate, but it’s a far cry from the typical hyper-polished trappings of the majority of the genre, cleaving closer to traditional death metal in tone and delivery. “The Transformation” is as volatile as its subject matter, and it’s a lot of fun.

Track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Gloom
2. Involuntary Emasculation
3. Coerced Sewer Ingest
4. The Conversation
5. The Psychology
6. The Transformation
7. Omnia Mors Equat
8. In Pursuit Of
9. Despondent

Despondent releases on February 5th
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