Premiere: Pulverized Promise an “Aniquilación Genética”


Have you ever listened to a death metal track so damn heavy that it left you feeling, well, pulverized? A track so dense pressing down on the very essence of your being so weightily that your very genetic code was annihilated through negative time into nonexistence? No? Well then, prepare your estate and say your last rites, because today I have the distinct honor of premiering quite possibly the heaviest damn track I’ve ever unveiled. Toilet ov Hell, meet the aptly titled Pulverized.

But what makes “Aniquilación Genética,” the fifth track from Pulverized’s debut album Monuments of Misanthropy so damn heavy? The riffs, baby. The boiling, roiling, churning, burning, smashing, crashing riffs. “Aniquilación Genética” has, by my count, a plethora (the preferred scientific unit for genetic annihilation, mind you) of riffs, and every single one of them will crush you and your dick back into the primordial soup from whence the raw organic ejaculate that formed your genetic ancestors first erupted. Let’s break it down scientifically.

  • 0:00-0:33 – The intro riff (in two different registers) crushes the dick.
  • 0:34-1:00 – The riff thrown in between measures of the intro riff crushes the entire pelvis.
  • 1:05-1:30 – The first verse riff denudes the former pelvic region of flesh and muscle tissue.
  • 2:39-3:03 – The second verse riff, accented by putrid gutturals, tenderizes the bone of the former pelvic region into a fine dust.
  • 3:04-3:29 – The riff accented by the jackhammer percussion obliterates the bone dust of the former pelvic region into microscopic organic detritus.
  • 3:29-4:34 – The scale-bending riff juxtaposed against an incendiary riff unbinds the DNA and RNA of the pelvic region dust.
  • 5:09-5:40 – The riff played against the second solo decouples the proteins of the former pelvic DNA strands.
  • 5:41-5:49 – The ungodly low-register riff severs the nucleus from its electrons within the former pelvic DNA dust strands.
  • 5:50-6:39 – The final riff completely obliterates the former pelvic region into subatomic up-quarks and down-quarks.

Complete pulverization at a sub-sub-molecular level.


Monuments of Misanthropy is out October 13th on Krucyator Productions. You can pre-order it here and find the band on Facebook here.

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