A Toilet ov Hell Premiere: New Void Ritual and More from Dewar PR


Dewar PR‘s November compilation is out at this very moment, and includes previously unreleased tracks from Void Ritual and Dhampyr, and showcases the newest music from Extirpate, We Deserve ThisNihilistinen Barbaarisuus,  and more.

Let’s cut right to the reason you clicked on this article – new Void Ritual!  New Mexico’s favorite son has released yet another black metal gem after giving us some time to recover from his spine crushing split with Barshasketh released back in February. The song is called “Nachzehrer,” and finds Void Ritual picking up right where he left off with relentless blast beats, atmospheric riffs, and a muscular vocal attack, and then building upon that base with some new elements. There’s a skosh more reverb in the mix, which when combined with the droning chants that surface a couple of times during the track add a subtly haunting and even spiritual feel to the music. While Void Ritual may be known for his bull-in-a-china-shop approach to black metal (and there’s still plenty of that here), this track hints at some evolution and refinement to look forward to on his promised upcoming full length. If you’re not familiar with Void Ritual, take a few moments to check out his two EPs on Bandcamp before diving into this track. Hearing Dan’s growth as a songwriter is key to understanding why “Nachzehrer” is so exciting.

There’s also an unreleased track here from depressive black metal veterans Dhampyr called “A Model In Heart Failure”. First of all, if you missed their newest release Oceanclots, I highly recommend giving it a spin here if you’re at all into DSBM. The raw and noisy production found on that album has been subdued here for a more ambient approach. There’s no screaming – only eerie, warped moans and anguish-filled cries that sound like some other-worldly animal being tortured in the woods. Flourishes of violin and acoustic passages lend a folk-ish atmosphere in certain places, but offer no relief from the song’s unsettling vibe, at times even enhancing it. It’s not an easy listen by any means, but it is rewarding if you like that feeling of uneasiness or want to know what it might be like to sit one thin wall away from a hallucinogen-fueled concert at an insane asylum.

The rest of the compilation consists of new, but previously released tracks meant to highlight and showcase a few lesser-known artists. A few of my personal favorites include Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus‘ “Let Them Perish,” from their 2015 album The Child Must DieExtirpate‘s “Unconventional Currency,” a single released in January, We Deserve This (Feat. Molitoth)‘s “Pacific” from their October album of the same name, and A Light Within‘s “Page #18 Grin” from their October EP Preface.

That being said, this compilation’s strength, besides of course the unreleased material, is in its variety. There’s something here for everyone. There’s some pit-ready hardcore/thrash in Chugger (an onomatopoeic name if ever there was one), a short but sweet ambient track from Will Z. (featuring Alice Artaud), some old school, anti-religion death metal from Thorns of Sin, armageddon-obsessed thrash metal (is there any other kind?) from War Curse, and even some recorded-in-a-cardboard-box raw black metal from Infernal Altar. Stream all 15 tracks below and you’re bound to find something here to tickle your pickle.

Thanks to Dewar PR for graciously offering TovH this exclusive premiere.

  1. Void Ritual – Nachzehrer (Black Metal)
  2. Dhampyr – A Model In Heart Failure (DSBM, Ambient)
  3. Osmium Guillotine – Martyrdom (Thrash, Heavy Metal)
  4. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – Let Them Perish (Black Metal)
  5. Myopic Empire – S.O.B. (Stoner Metal)
  6. We Deserve This (Feat. Molitoth) – Pacific (Post Metal)
  7. Chugger – Rust (Thrash, Hardcore, Chug Chug)
  8. Extirpate – Unconventional Currency (Death Metal, Skronk)
  9. Thorns of Sin – The Truth Awakening (Death Metal, OSDM)
  10. A Light Within – Page #18 Grin (Post Metal, Post Rock)
  11. Infernal Altar – Forgotten Tomb (Raw Black Metal)
  12. War Curse – Final Days (Thrash)
  13. Will Z. feat. Alice Artaud – The Empress (Ambient, Psych, Drone)
  14. Possessor – Night of Venom (Thrash, Rock)
  15. Caveat – Doge (Sludge)

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