Premiere: Fractal Generator – “Synthetic Symbiosis”


“Mechanical” is a word that has been levied against tech death bands for some time now. Fractal Generator take this slight and turn it in their favor by making it the point of their music both thematically and musically. The band’s debut, Apotheosynthesis, is a cold, heartless killing machine. It carries the same vitriol and energy as brutal death, but it has been crafted meticulously and precisely with a singular, focused purpose: a grim examination of the future of mankind.

Fittingly, “Synthetic Symbiosis” is about humanity’s last-ditch effort to save themselves by uploading their consciousness’ to machines. It opens up with a clusterfuck of digital noise (which I suspect is a guitar line set to ludicrous speed) that explodes into a machine gun attack of guitar and double bass. You’ll notice pretty quickly the distinct lack of noodling coming from any instrument; this is a band focused on heaviness over showmanship. That’s not to say they shy away from complexity, either- they simply save it for when it’s absolutely necessary. This song, and indeed the album as a whole, is built on grinding intensity and bleak, devastating riffs. Mash that play button and await your mechanized death.

Apotheosynthesis comes out May 19th on Everlasting Spew Records. If digital media is more your speed, you can get it from Bandcamp as well (and jam a couple more tracks!). Be sure to drop Fractal Generator a like on Facebook, too.

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