Track Premiere: Fractal Generator – “Askesis”


Let’s generate some hype.

You may have heard the name Fractal Generator thrown around a couple of times by now, but for the sake of content, let’s assume you’ve just blown into this infernal bathroom like a squirt from the Febreeze air freshener and have no idea why you should get excited at the mention of these Canadian tech death invaders. “Oh, tech death,” I hear you say, “with the weedlies and the deedlies and the noodlies.”

You sure are pretty confident for a cloud of scented molecules, I’ll give you that. You’re also wrong, cause that’s not at all what Fractal Generator do. Fractal Generator sound like inter-dimensional warfare against a far superior enemy. I’ve compared them to the 7-hour war preceding the events of Half Life 2 before, but let’s see if I can find a less nerdy reference. They sound a bit like Portal‘s Doom soundtrack. Oops, another video game reference. My bad.

Can you blame me though? Look at these guys. And then look at the premise of their upcoming album:

“A suspected glitch in the universal simulation causes new planets to appear in our solar system. Convergence is an album that attempts to capture the essence of this cosmic upheaval, exploring these new planets into journeys of chaos, song by song.”

That’s some video game shit if you ask me. However, if forced to detach myself from that realm for a minute, I’d say Fractal Generator eschew the aforementioned and oft-bemoaned staples of tech death in favor of a more straightforward brutality that grinds and churns ominously like monstrous machines beyond our comprehension. This spectacle is expertly enhanced by synths that are never overbearing but always notable, lending everything an appropriately alien atmosphere with drones, bleeps, bloops, and—Convergence‘s new found specialty—choral parts. Get a taste of cosmic oblivion with “Askesis.”

Convergence will be out on June 7 via Everlasting Spew Records.

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