Toilet Radio talks creativity and plagiarism with Stephen Wilson


On this thrilling episode of Toilet Radio, Joe and 365 get to sit down with visual artist Stephen Wilson! The Minneapolis-based artist has worked with Pestifere, Ævangelist, False, and many more of your favorite bands. He describes his painstaking approach to graphite illustration, annoyance with bands that slap their logos on existing art, and we get into an in-depth conversation about plagiarism in art. BONUS: Stephen gives your band advice on getting a great visual presentation for your record. It’s a good one, folks.

Music featured on this program:
Atrament – “Aberration” from Eternal Downfall (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Lil Ugly Mane – “Cup Fulla Beetlejuice” from Mista Thug Isolation (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

Check out Stephen’s portfolio site here and get the latest updates from him on Facebook. Then send him a nice picture of a puppy on Twitter.

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