Album Premiere: Feel the Flame of Aempyrean’s Fireborn


2018 may be practically in the can, but time means nothing to the almighty riff. India’s Aempyrean are on the warpath and kicking the crap out of year-end list deadlines and yuletide wishes of peace and good will with their fire-starting, death-defying debut EP, Fireborn. Prepare your neck for one last death thrashing, courtesy of our exclusive premiere.

If you’re a young band looking to make a definitive statement of intent, there are far worse ways to go about it than dropping a 5-track wrecking ball of a record just when all the online nerds are geared up for year-end dick measuring. Fireborn is ten pounds of killer riffs in a five-pound bag, all of which are more than capable of crushing your dick and setting your laborious spreadsheets ablaze with their rollicking energy. This is five tracks of non-stop aggression clocking in at a shameless 23 minutes of unrepentant attitude.

Don’t believe me? Check out that the red hot firebrand of a riff that kicks off the whole thing. There’s no somber introduction, no pensive solo, no plaintive atmosphere building here. Just a raw ass-kicking that hearkens back to thrash’s aggressive inception, channeling early Kreator’s raw vitriol and Flotsam & Jetsam‘s burly groove. The next track “Fireborn” continues the gritty vibe with a trip into distinct early Florida death metal territory; vocalist B.R. spits napalm and sneers soot while guitarists Sailesh K. and Clinton S. roll through a cavalcade of acrobatic riffs sure to make you sweat more than Morbid Angel rehearsing in a swampy storage unit.

And speaking of Morbid Angel, check out Fireborn’s third track, a meaty cover of “Chapel of Ghouls” lent even more heft and spite courtesy of drummer Avi S.’s manic rolls and Ajay N.’s tactile bass. This is a band that isn’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, and we’re all the better for it, given how nasty every single riff on this whole EP is.

Fireborn closes with the massive “Undying Scourge,” a quintessential conclusion that you will leave you simultaneously spent and yet somehow eager to stab that play button again. Your brain will thank you (while your neck curses you) for indulging your animal instincts one more time as the riff at 2:38 bowls you over and reduces your pathetic spine to so much powder. You and your year end list are welcome.

Stab play and get down with one of the nastiest EPs dropped all year.

Fireborn can be picked up on Cyclopean Eye Productions‘s Bandcamp page here. Make sure you swing by the band’s Facebook page too to drop an appreciative windmill.

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