Premiere: Hellish God – “I Am Belial”


Tired of all these space wimps and weinerbots softening up the tech death landscape? Hellish God are here to deliver us unto evil with a blistering new track of red hot riffs and infernal grooves. Today, we’re pleased as hell to unveil “I Am Belial.”

“I Am Belial” is the penultimate track from Hellish God’s forthcoming scorcher The Evil Emanations, and it finds the new band, composed of death metal luminaries from Antropofagus and Mindful of Pripyat, flexing their infernal might and showing what tech death can do when it embraces a slightly lower calling.

“I Am Belial” erupts amid a cacophony of blast beats and wicked tremolo, but it quickly becomes evident that the band is doing more than just hyperspeed noodling. Within the first minute, guitarists Di Ioia and Malgaretti show their penchant for groove, evoking the deepest reaches of the abyss, and injecting just a wee bit of dissonance into the riffs, to really get your head banging as drummer Luigi Contenti reins in the demonic rampage and digs deep. This slower, far more sinister riff mutates and rears its abominable head a few more times, most prominently in the verses where vocalist “Tya” bellows out his demonic lineage.

The whole thing is over in a flash, but its mix of slightly off-kilter riffs with heavy as all hell blasts will certainly command repeat listens. Submit to your infernal overlords below.


The Evil Emanations release January 8th via Everlasting Spew Records. You can pre-order it directly or through Bandcamp here. Make sure you stop by the band’s Facebook page and tell them the Toilet says, “666 Infernal Hails!”

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