Enigma Bring the Shred in this “Of Vile and Bliss” Playthrough


It’s Tech Death Friday now, too. Deal with it.

If you’ve been following TDT for awhile, you might remember a little EP featured some time ago from California’s EnigmaStars Misaligned presents a potent mixture of shreds and grooves- if you’ve ever been of the mind that tech bands need to back off on the noodling and just write some damn songs, then this is the album for you. That’s not to say it’s short on guitar wizardry, and you can see for yourself in this new playthrough video of “Of Vile and Bliss.”

If you’re in the mood for some more tech death virtuosity, an instrumental version of Stars Misaligned comes out today on Enigma’s Bandcamp. It’s name your price, but $5 gets you tabs of the EP if you’re inclined to give this a shot for yourself. As to new music… well, we’re going to have to be patient, but it does appear to be on the way. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of that soon.

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