Premiere: Katakomba – “Sacrifice”


Your daily dose of death, coming right up.

We here at the Toilet ov Hell are filth fanatics, reveling in grime of any sort, but few things bring the grit the same way as the tried-and-true HM-2. You love it, we love it, Katakomba definitely loves it, and the track we’re premiering today is sodden with its signature tone. We are very pleased to bring you “Sacrifice,” the first single from Katakomba’s upcoming self-titled album.

As you might expect, the grit and grime don’t stop at the tone. “Sacrifice” examines the manipulation and exploitation of the ruling class pitting the poor against each other through an appropriately death-metal-tinted lens (who doesn’t love a little human sacrifice in their lyrics?), and the music is ugly to match. It whirs and hacks its way through a series of wicked melodies that convey an atmosphere of horror, reaching its gory conclusion in a ripping solo. What isn’t sacrificed here is its catchiness; I’ve found the main hook stuck in my head after only a couple listens, and I imagine it’s going to be there for awhile yet.

But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it. Hit play and jam “Sacrifice” right now:

Katakomba’s self-titled album will release on July 29th via Redefining Darkness and is available for preorder on their web shop and Bandcamp.


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