Who is the Biggest Weeaboo in Metal???


Weeaboos. Weebs. Wapanese. Japanophiles. Otaku. These are just some of the names for the scourge of the internet wastes, the Westerner with an unhealthy obsession with Japanese culture, video games, and anime. You’ve likely encountered this menace on forums and social media, often using butchered Japanese words and creepy gifs of over sexualized cartoon children. Aside from a few exceptions, metal has been considered a safe refuge from the invading weeaboo hordes. But is it? Has this insidious menace been hiding in plain sight among your metal? Reader, the answer may shock you. Today we’re exposing four of the biggest weeaboos in metal.

Lauri Penttilä (Satanic Warmaster)

Lauri Penttilä otherwise known as “Werwolf”, his fursona, has spent decades at the forefront of black metal edgelordery with his long-running project Satanic Warmaster. Though he’s never outright declared Satanic Warmaster an NSBM band, he’s long skirted around the edges of it with anti-Semitic lyrics and by putting out split releases with pretty much every knuckledragging fuck hole in metal. If those charming activities weren’t embarrassing enough, it may shock you to learn that Lauri is also a giant weeaboo.

Though he’s cleaned up his social media presence in the last couple of years while doubling down on his image as a super tuff Satanist black metal man, he can’t hide all of his shameful secrets. Back in 2012 Lauri released “Chi No Namida”, covering Kenichi Matsubara’s composition from Castlevania: Dracula X. His Metal Archives photo (above) features him proudly displaying his video game closet. And then there’s this, the most damning proof of all:

Also this because it’s funny:

Frankie Palmeri (Emmure)

Let’s not mince words. Frankie Palmeri, vocalist of braindead chugcore band Emmure, is just a giant piece of shit. You could Google him and see any number of his shitlord opinions (my favorite is this recent interview with the Houston Press) or you could just take a look at his #HOTTAKE on Decapitated’s current situation:

How could a man so loathsome be any worse? Friend, I’m glad you asked. It’s a secret though, so don’t tell anyone. (Pssst: he’s a goddamn weeb).

In addition to his fandom of anime series Dragonball (see his Twitter avatar, likely his button down shirts in middle school), Frankie has a weird thing with video games, especially Japanese fighting game Street Fighter. No joke, he’s picked M. Bison as his otherkin. That’s extremely obsessive weeb behavior!

Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel)

Trey Azagthoth, the madman guitarist behind Morbid Angel, is a stand up dude. I bet you’re waiting for me to say something disparaging about Trey or his band. WELL TOO BAD, FUCKO. Trey legit rules. Look at this delightful quote from him:

That’s an attitude I can get behind! Unfortunately, his childlike appreciation for life has lead him to a dark valley. No, not industrial metal. I’m talking about anime. Take a look at Trey’s notes from Domination. In addition to thanking Earache and Morrisound, he includes a big shout out to “Ranma and papa panda-bear Saotome, Cutey Cat Shampoo (Hai-ah), Akane Tendo and the Tendos”, which all appear to be characters from a manga series called Ranma 1/2 about a teenage boy that transforms to a girl when splashed with cold water. I am told that hijinks ensue. While upsetting, I’m still gonna listen to Morbid Angel because the riffs are so good, bro! Dang. I think I finally understand the dorks that defend NSBM.

(Click to embiggen)

Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth)

Marty Friedman, best known as one of the most skilled guitarists Megadeth ever had, is the most out and out proud weeaboo in the world of metal. After leaving Megadeth, he fulfilled every true weeb’s dream and moved to Japan where he has been a fixture in music and television ever since. That’s right. Marty Friedman is Ken-Sama.

Let’s take a deep breath and list just some of Friedman’s credits. He:
Played guitar on the theme to Bodacious Space Pirates anime.
Covered “Little Braver” from an anime called “Angel Beats!
Has collaborated with Animetal, a metal band that covers anime music.
You can check out additional credits on his MY ANIME LIST and Wikipedia pages. Suffice to say, my dude is a true weeb.

What do you think? Is there a bigger weeaboo hiding in plain sight? Who is the weebiest weeb to ever weeb? Vote now!

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