Track Premiere: Mutual Hostility – “Faces In The Walls”

Mutual Hostility - Inhuman Anguish album art

I’ve heard of bad hair days, but this is *bree-bree-bree-bree*

Maybe Mutual Hostility are onto something with “Faces In The Walls”, a revolution in therapeutic coping techniques: fists. Many are the times when I wish I could just pummel my swarming thoughts into submission and maybe in a metaphorical sort of way, that’s what this kind of ass-beater deathgrind is supposed to do. How is your guilt supposed to prod at you from afar when it’s getting whipped to shit by a hulking hardcore breakdown with slams like cinderblocks? Although the middle bridge buzzes by in a needling of tremolo, Mutual Hostility’s bread and butter is still stomping, seizing, scraping, and all-around blunt-force attack. But it wouldn’t be Midwest death metal without a whole lotta mixups between percussion and strings, just to keep it interesting.

Vocalist Adam Rogers says:

“Faces in the Walls is a glimpse into the mind of someone tortured by the reality that surrounds them, and their desire to destroy and escape that reality.”

Listen here:

The kind of powershifting that drummer Eric Frabotta (drummer of Stresslord) can pull alongside guitarist Dan Gates gives “Faces In The Walls” a strained pace that sprints and snaps not unlike a rabid dog tugging against his chain. Adam Rogers, formerly of Stresslord as well, is clearly here to rage, unloading in all directions and dragging this frenzied beast of a track all over the yard. Definitely a voice worth adding to the chorus of shrieks in your skull.

Mutual Hostility‘s debut record Inhuman Anguish will be arriving on June 28th via Lethal Scissor Records.

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