Joker Metal – Freak Like Me: A Video Breakdown


No, it’s not a cover of The Pussycat Dolls.

Thanks to doing these video breakdowns and @MetalwoContext, my Youtube recommendations are a cornucopia of bad metal videos, wrestling, and, like most other people, unwanted Joe Rogan videos. Recently, I’ve been inundated with videos from something called “Joker Metal”. The thumbnails show three guys dressed as different version of the Joker: Heath Ledger’s version, Jared Leto’s version, and a purple suited version that I want to say is supposed to be Cesar Romero and/or Jack Nicholson. These videos are music videos set to Baby’s First Metal Midi samples. ‘Kay.

Joker Metal is the creation of Make ‘Em Laugh Films or (sigh) MELF. MELF describes themselves as “cosplayers & comedians who travel to conventions & make comedy videos!” A quick browse of their Youtube page shows all sorts of in-costume skits, bits, dances, and all sorts of shenanigans I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot clown pole. They have over 80,000 subscribers, so they do have an audience. Does that audience also appeal to the metal community? Let’s break it down.



This is going to show up in some violent incel’s manifesto, isn’t it?


How to ruin your career in 1 second.


I’ll give $20 to anyone dressed as Killer Croc that takes a bite out of him.


I now want no one to have healthcare of any kind.


This is probably why Joker relies more on flowers that shoot acid rather than guns.


Needs more “Damaged” tattoo.


Then Bane comes in, breaks their backs, and we all live happily ever after.


You can find more Joker Metal videos here.

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