Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.42] Got Any Blacker?


We talk new black/death from Horrified, Fervent, Oxalate, Lvme, and Oath Of Cruelty, along with Lamb Of Anarchoprimitivism, how to finally erase Drake, whether or not Gorguts has disbanded, dead memes, Adam Burke cover art probability, ear plugs at shows, bourgeoise horse people, fish herpes, and yet another unprovoked attack on the French. Normal stuff.

Last episode we sent Ernest to a black metal festival or something judging by the header image, but that was over a week ago so I have no recollection.

New Music Featured This Episode:
Oxalate – ‘Infatuating Sickness’ from Infatuating Sickness (out now)
Horrified – ‘The Pessimist’ from Sentinel (out 13/12)
Oath Of Cruelty – ‘Victory Rites Of Exsanguination’ from Summary Execution At Dawn (out 9/12)
Fervent – ‘Everdark’ (out 21/11)
Lvme – ‘The Fiery Sword’ from The Blazing Inqiuity (out now)

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