Video Premiere: Heads For The Dead will teach you the “Serpent’s Curse”


Welcome to Your Weekend, sponsored by Satan™.

Isn’t it just the best when you wake up on a Saturday morning to the soft bleating of goats and the distant wailing of sacrificial virgins coming from the basement, and you can just stretch and go back to sleep? Yeah. Heads For The Dead know that feel, man. And this here premiere of “Serpent’s Curse”, the opener to their upcoming album of the same name, is sure to get you in that mood.

That theatric opening alone, sitting somewhere between industrial and symphonic, should be enough to get your ritual knife excited (wink wink), and the real fun’s only coming up. Soon enough, the guys work their way into a real death metal frenzy, keeping those elements from the intro around without ever overdoing it. This makes for a vibe that perfectly accompanies the wonderfully shlocky video footage.

The people involved in Heads For The Dead are not new to the game, nor, in fact, are they strangers around these parts; Heads for the Dead consist of members of Wombbath, Down Among The Dead Men, and the mighty Ursinne, so followers of our fecal cult have had opportunity to convince themselves of their death metal expertise in one way or another. And as you’ve just heard, they’re not dialing it back, but adding to their craft a thick layer of nostalgic horror film atmosphere to give it an extra sinister spin.

Patience is required though; not until September 24th will the album drop. Pre-orders are available here via Transcending Obscurity. Until it’s time, hear them whisper to you.

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