Premiere: Nekrohowl’s “Mortal Incubation” is the nastiest death metal cut you’ll hear all day


Do you ever think to yourself, “Self, I’ve been far too clean lately. I could really use some filthy death metal from the dirtiest underground crypt?” If you answered yes (or no, even), buddy, have I got a nasty present for you. Today I’m pleased as hell to introduce you to Bangladesh’s nastiest riff machine, the rotting’n’rancid Nekrohowl. You, dear Toilet readers, get to take a taste of the decaying flesh before the band drops their killer EP and unleashes devastation upon the Dhaka Metal Fest. This is “Mortal Incubation.”

Nekrohowl haven’t been exhumed for very long at all, but they’re already making waves in the Asian underground thanks to the eminent uncleanliness of their demo and several killer live appearances in Kolkata. If “Mortal Incubation” is any indication, their upcoming debut EP is going to rip the underground a new butthole, tearing through all the sterile and overproduced precision of modern death metal like a shivering, juddering grave worm jacked up on occult magic and thirsty for human flesh.

Seriously, this song rips. Kicking off amid a flurry of squelching lead lines and rickety bass, the percussive battery soon pounds your eardrums into so much grave dust before you’ve even gotten to the really juicy internal organs yet! After about a minute of delightfully loose and jarring riffs that make you question whether an undead Colin Marston is playing in the band, the trio transitions into a hasty little bit of counterpoint that compels you both to tremble in fear and bang your head! Then, after one more minute of clanging, crunching riffs and throat-shredding vocals, the whole track shambles to a finish like a juddering biomechanical serpent, quivering in its death throes as the opening motif returns to put you back in the cold earth.

Soon you’ll find yourself clawing out of your grave again, though, because this is the kind of track that demands repeat listens.

You can check out the band’s first demo (and a longer version of “Mortal Incubation” on Bandcamp, but keep an eye on their Facebook page for news of the upcoming EP. With that, I’ll leave you with the words of guitarist Obliterator –

“The song resembles “death” as a person / entity with sheer omnipotence and ominous wrath against mortals. It is said that, the bringer of doom and darkness shall forever reign in the realm of man. The temptation to devastate human in flesh will summon ultimate excruciating.”

Many thanks to Qabar Extreme Music for this tasty treat.

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