Flush it Friday: The Soulcringe


DAE ever get that feeling where you h*qq up so bad, you can feel your soul cringe? Like your blood has drained to your feet and you’re about to plunge through the ground? Like your b-hole may never unpucker? I did that yesterday. Without getting into too many details, I entered a customer’s last name incorrectly and created a vulgar pun in our system. I’m sure I’ve felt this feeling before, but I’d had a little vacation from the overwhelming dread. The only antidote? Some good-ass TovH content:

Lord of Bork donned his flippers and sank to the ocean floor with Drowned:

Review: Drown – Subaqueous

Karhu confirmed the commencement of Nautical Week on TovH with …And Oceans:

…And Oceans Rise Anew (Jakobstad Chronicles Pt. Drei, Vier, Grenadier)

Hans licht up Turia‘s new album, Degen Van Licht:

Haeresis Noviomagi Pt 1: Turia – Degen Van Licht

Spear did a big shid on Isle of the Cross for that unforgivable MIDI flute:

Boy Howdy Does This Isle of the Cross Album Blow Ass

Got any embarrassing stories to share? Please…misery loves company. And don’t forget the G/B/U, you lummox.



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