Lyric Video Premiere: Thorn – Sapien Death Spiral

Thorn - Evergloom album from Transcending Obscurity Records

Every rose has its thorn…

Every day is bad news. Even the good news that they cram in at the end of every television broadcast requires twisted, broken logic to force us to smile through the tears of frustration. Fire, famine, plague, floods, war. It’s all here. Humanity is circling the drain, so what better way to celebrate than having Thorn‘s new song “Sapien Death Spiral” off the upcoming Evergloom premiere on the Toilet Ov Hell?

The work of Brennen Westermeyer, this brutal ripper is short, fast, and to-the-point. In less than two minutes, you feel the entire weight of the world crushing down on your chest, cracking open your ribs, and feasting on the gooey insides. It’s the death-doom soundtrack to the slow-motion car crash that is our daily lives. I’d sure hate to be a sapien right now. *Checks the dictionary*. Uh oh.

The band says:

“The earth is weeping for the plague upon itself. A death spiral is an observed natural phenomenon in ant colonies where the pheromone track is lost and the ants begin following each other, in a rotating spiral. They inevitably die of exhaustion, lost to the rest of their colony, dying as they follow the ant before them. This concept is applied to what humanity has done to its home. We are a curse upon the earth as it decays with us on it.” 

Evergloom is out on August 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

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