Premiere: Ceremonial Bloodbath – Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance

Ceremonial Bloodbath - Genesis of Malignant Entropy

All you need is blood.

Have you heard the turn “knuckle-dragging metal”? Sure you have. It’s used around these parts plenty. It’s usually applied to loud, low, and dumb-as-dirt metal that slopes your brow and protrudes your jaw. There’s not much to it as it makes you slouch down so much your knuckled scrape the ground. That’s not Vancouver, Canada’s Ceremonial Bloodbath.

No, Ceremonial Bloodbath’s brand of extreme blackened death metal is best described as “claw-scraping metal”. There is a precision to their brand of death, like a sick surgeon crafting their next unholy masterpiece of flesh, bone, blood, and…other. The band’s upcoming album Genesis of Malignant Entropy is a sharpened onslaught of twisted steel and death appeal. Like metal nails being deftly grazing against a gore-stained factory floor, Ceremonial Bloodbath’s new song “Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance” is terrifying, dizzying, and downright mean. A relentless blast of metallic hell that cuts, shreds, and guts everything and anything.

The band says,

“Ceremonial Bloodbath tear out of the grave and smash the feeble alter with “Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance”, a nuclear storm of black death metal that drips with hate and venom. Dual-vocal desecration and psych-ward guitar leads puncture horrific riffs and skullshattering drumming, like a tangled mass of razor wire winding through flesh.”


Soap up and check it out:


Genesis of Malignant Entropy is out November 17th via Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

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