Premiere: Rapture’s Paroxysm of Hatred Procreation


Time to get Greece-y!

Greek mythology is, perhaps, the richest batch of stories the world holds. I remember as a youth spending hours getting lost reading about ancient Greece’s tales of heroism, their twisted parables and their immense tragedies. My favorite, though, is the tale of the titan of time Cronus (or Cronos or Kronos if you’re feeling wacky).

If you’re unfamiliar, Cronus was a Big Deal but also kind of a dick who was told that he would be overthrown by his children much like he had overthrown his own father. In order to prevent such an act the titan devoured his own children, and since titans are cursed with the inability to poop, they were trapped alive within his stomach. They eventually tired of having chewed up food dumped on their heads, so they formed instruments out of it, practiced a whole lot, and played a ripping death thrash solo that split Cronus open at the navel and allowed them to finally escape. Okay, so maybe I got some of that wrong and made some of it up, but that’s only because such a wicked tale is totally befitting of Greece death thrashers Rapture.

Today we have a brand new track for you from this raucous quartet, the intensely titled “Paroxysm of Hatred: Procreation,” the first part of a two song suite on their upcoming second album Paroxysm of Hatred. The track is a real schizophrenic speedball, constantly operating at 120 miles per hour but turning off on all possible avenues along the way. The whole thing is so breakneck that when it reaches it’s abrupt end it feels as if you’ve faceplanted directly into a wall. If you’re a fan of Death Angel, Demolition Hammer or Rigor Mortis then you should go ahead and smash that mf’n play button.

Paroxysm of Hatred drops on January 22nd via Memento Mori. You can pick up a copy at their site and give the band a like on Facebook here.

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