Toilet Radio 286 – RIP Devil Daddy (2020-2021)


Joe and Jordo hop on the mic this week to talk all kinds of shit: Tommy Vext got kicked outta his band and got rewarded with $118,000. We’re, uh, being censored too? Psychosexual appears to have been cleansed from the internet. What comes next will surely be worse! The guy from FFDP deleted all his tweets, the smartest thing he’s done in a quite a while. BLAST FROM THE PAST: That guy from King 810 was briefly relevant again when he showed up in a vintage Pelle Pelle jacket to storm the capitol. Weird! We’re also talking about contradictory feels when it comes to death metal and Joe threatening to record a bad album. Overall, pretty good episode IMHO.

Music featured on this episode:
Midnight Spell – Between the Eyes

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