News Roundup: Extol! Demolition Hammer! Revocation! Other Bands!


Today in news you can use, we’ve got new music, rumors, and blind conjecture!

Ole Børud 0f Extol is starting a progressive death metal band called Fleshkiller. Aside from the fact that “Fleshkiller” is a siqqq band name, we have zero additional information. Stay up to date with Fleshkiller here.

Black Crown Initiate, Revocation, and Vale of Pnath have all finished tracking their latest records. Want more info? Tough titties!

Nucleus will release their debut full-length on April 15th via the very excellent Unspeakable Axe. Fans of crunchy mid-tempo death metal, check out the first track released for Sentient below.

Toilet ov Hell writer Celtic Frosty welcomed his first child to the world. Unfortunately, that child has yet to drop a demo of raw Lovecraft-inspired black metal. Tough break, Frosty.

Finally, here’s something to be excited about: Demolition Hammer have added a photo to their Facebook page. What does it mean? Possibly nothing! But, also possibly something! We will be sure to keep you updated with the latest cryptic photography from under-appreciated early 90s thrash bands.

Did anything else happen in the world of metal? Let us know below!

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