Premiere: The Father Of Serpents – The Last Encore


You’ll be crying for more.

Yesterday, we had our buns scorched with a ripper from Verthebral (Paraguayan DM) courtesy of rising label Satanath RecordsToday, we’ve got a new song from Serbia’s The Father Of Serpents titled “The Last Encore”.

Being Toilet Ov Hell’s official angery sadboi, this song hits all the right notes. It’s a little gothic, a little doom, and a bit of death. Oh, and you can actually hear the bass! The band has 2 vocalists, one clean and one for growls/screams. On the surface that may turn some people off, or recall the bad old days of nu-metal bands with one vocalist yelling and the other rapping, but it works for TFOS. The dual vocals bring depth to a song that already contains many layers.

“The Last Encore” brings to mind old My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, and Insomnium. It has a driving yet catchy groove that bores into your soul and lays the seeds of mourning. This song is the perfect song to rage against the dying of the light.

Pre-order a CD or digital copy via Satanath Records’ Bandcamp page now before the album is released on June 19th. Be sure to like the band on Facebook too.

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