Here’s Some Live Footage of Mgła, Sabbath Assembly, and More from Martyrdoom Fest


All the fun of a metal festival with none of the smell.

The fourth edition of Martyrdoom Festival took place this past weekend in Brooklyn. The fest, which focuses mostly on a mixture of death, doom, and black metal, started this past Friday, November 6th and ended on the 10th. As with any large fest, there were some lineups subject to change, but by all accounts, it was a pretty good stretch of shows. Need proof? Oh, we’ve got proof.

How about a full set by everyone’s current favorite band Mgła from Friday night?

Need something with a little better quality or just want more Mgła? Don’t worry because (((unartig))) has got you covered with high-quality footage of their set on Sunday night.

(((unartig))) keeps it going with a full-length set from Sweden’s Necrophobic.

Things get doomy and slightly groovy with Sabbath Assembly. The band features Jamie Myers (Hammers of Misfortune, Like Flies On Flesh) on vocals and Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts) on guitar. The band was joined for this set by ToH friend Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Zvi) on guitar. Check it out and listen to him yell about Satan.

Keep the groove going with this video of their song “Fiery Angel of Desire”.

This video of Mortuary Drape just makes me think of the Treehouse of Horror VIII short “The Homega Man”, specifically the line “Go to hell, cloaky!”

Abbath managed to take a break from taking wacky pictures to Lemmy-out with “The Ultimate Motorhead tribute” Bömbers. Abbath does a nice Lemmy impression and even has the mic set up like him. Nice.

Here are Norwegian heavy metallers Studfaust:

More live videos from the fest should be making their way online in the coming days. Just search “martyrdoom” on Youtube and filter to This Week.

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